Research Areas

Innovative research focuses on areas of significant medical needs in endocrine diseases, ophthalmology, dermatology and medical cosmetology; with the aim to provide patients with innovative and high-quality medicines at affordable prices.

With development of economy, changes in lifestyle and aging, endocrine diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis have become chronic diseases that seriously endanger people's health. The number of patients suffering from these diseases in China ranks first in the world. Aiming at the huge market size and unmet clinical needs, Uni-Bio Science is currently developing products in the field of endocrinology: UDS003 (a new hypoglycemic oral GLP-1), Uni-GLP-1 (a new hypoglycemic and weight loss liquid drug). Bogutai (a new PTH injectable for osteoporosis), UOS003 (a new oral PTH for osteoporosis), and Boshutai (acarbose tablet).

The prevalence of ophthalmic diseases in China is high but the treatment rate is low. The huge demand for treatment has brought huge commercial prospects to the domestic market. However, there is still a lot of room for the clinical needs of sub-indications and different age groups to be met, especially ocular fundus diseases, and dry eye. The Group's products currently being deployed in the field of ophthalmic diseases include: diquafosol sodium eye drops (high-value drug for dry eye), GeneSoft (exclusive corneal repair), UB101 (innovative bivalent nanobody drug for the treatment of wet AMD and DME)、UB102 (innovative bispecific nanobody drug for the treatment of wet AMD and DME).

With the aging and the transformation of the disease structure, patients with chronic diseases not only have an increased risk of surgery, but also are more prone to wound management. The demand for skin wounds and tissue repair is strong, and the global biomedical dressing market scale exceeds 10 billion US dollars. It has also spawned high-end wound dressings such as nanomaterials. The products that Uni-Bio Science is currently deploying in this field include: nanofiber wound dressings, temperature-sensitive hydrogels, and GeneTime (a proprietary class I EGF spray for wound repair).

In terms of skin care, the Group has gradually extended from the traditional department to the new medical beauty track. The number of users of medical beauty in China has exceeded 15 million. This change has not only spawned a market of tens of billions of dollars, but also put forward more and higher requirements for upstream materials. With the enhancement of policy standardization and the maturity of market education in the future, the market prospect of medical and cosmetic raw materials will be broader. The Group's current layout in the medical beauty track include five categories: collagen, fibronectin, cosmetic peptides, microecology, and exosomes.