Technology Platform

The Group attaches great importance to drug R&D and the construction of related technology platforms. At present, it has built a high-quality technology platform that runs through the entire development cycle of biological drugs, generic drugs and medical beauty raw materials, including: new drug research platform, production and quality platform, clinical development platform, commercialization platform. In the future, the Group plans to build a number of pipelines into a high-quality development platform with first-class product capability, efficient operation system and top technology integration in 3-5 years.

A complete R&D system for biological preparations for diseases such as metabolism and ophthalmology has been established. Upstream target screening: GLP1R, PTH1R, VEGF, ANG2 with multi-disease multi-body modular library. Midstream optimization platform: including antibody humanization, affinity maturation, and high expression level. Downstream biological preparations: stable platform at room temperature, sustained and controlled release platform, biological activity detection technology platform, etc. At the same time, the Group has also established our own platform in the field of new antibodies such as bispecific antibodies and nanobodies, and has gradually enriched and improved the R&D pipeline of new antibodies to provide more innovative drugs for disease treatment.

With high-quality design and commercialization as the goal, it adopts multiple expression systems (microorganisms, yeast, animals), multiple protein purification and extraction, DOE space design, etc. It has the characteristics of fast process development, high quality and good stability. In addition, the Group has domestic leading lyophized powder production lines, cartridges/pre-filled syringe production lines, with a total volume of 650L of bioreactors and a fermentation ratio of over 70%. In the future, a new BFS production line will be added, which is expected that the production capacity will be increased by 3-4 times, which will be used to produce a variety of products with high added value. The Group is extending the production process to a high degree of platformization into the commercial production stage, so as to supporting the requirements of full life cycle management.

A complete innovative drug clinical management and operation platform has been established, spanning the entire life cycle of biological patented drugs and high-value generic drug product development, including registration and regulatory affairs, clinical trials and operations, data management and statistical analysis, etc. Important functions cover various functional areas including clinical medicine, clinical pharmacology, clinical trial management, data management and statistical analysis, pharmacovigilance, and registration and declaration. At the same time, the company plans to upgrade the full-process electronic management system in the future to ensure efficient advancement, patient safety and data quality throughout the entire process from project initiation to completion.

It has achieved nationwide coverage through the "self-operated + agency" combination model, covering marketing, sales, business, government affairs, logistics and other sales related functions. Focusing on academic promotion of the foreword and in-depth analysis of the national centralized procurement policy, the aim is to successfully bring more affordable and high-quality medicines to the market and benefit the majority of patients.